How To Whitelist Yourself In WHM

Whitelist means to allow you or any IP addresyou set to access the server and not be blocked. Blacklist will block you or any IP address you set from accessing the server. If some cases you can set a range of IP addresses like this:


This is good for allowing (or blocking) certain areas or countries as most IP address ranges are usually near each other for areas.


Here’s a few ways to do it in WHM so you’ll always have access or can block others:


1. cPHulk Brute Force Protection – Go to Security CentercPHulk Brute Force Protection. Then click the “Whitelist Management” tab. If your IP address is not listed you’ll see a red block appear telling you so at the top right of the page. Click the blue button that says “Add to whitelist”. Refresh your browser and you’ll see it added to the list on the right side of the screen. Click “Edit” if you wish to add a comment for it.


2. Host Access Control – Go to Security CenterHost Access Control. This will allow or deny IP addresses to services like SSH, FTP, etc. In the “Daemon” field type in the name of the daemon, such as sshd for SSH. In the “Access List” field add an IP address or range of IP addresses. In the next field, you can do a number of things, mostly, allow or block the IP address you’ve added. On the far right, you can add a comment such as a name or country.


3. Firewall – On a VPS, you can install any firewall you wish. You should always whitelist your IP address so you can gain access. We recommend using ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF). But use whatever works best for you and the OS you’ve chosen for your VPS. For this example, we’ll be using CSF.


Go to PluginsConfigServer & Firewall. From this you have two options...”Quick Allow” and “Firewall Allow IPs”.


A. Quick Allow – This feature allows you to add an IP address and a comment. Press ENTER when you are done and it will add it to the list in “Firewall Allow IPs” along with a time and date. This is very useful if you have a dynamic IP address which always changes or you want to add an IP temporarily.


B. Firewall Allow IPs – This contains a list of all allowed IP addresses. If you have allowed a temporary IP address using ”Quick Allow” or wish to remove one you can always go here and add or delete what you want manually. We suggest that if you add an IP address manually that you add a date a time and maybe who added the IP address by placing a space and a “#” to make a comment after the IP address for future reference. This is very useful a year or so later and you’re wondering who the IP address belongs to.


Note: You should always whitelist your IP address! If you live or travel to multiple places frequently you may be using multiple IP addresses and should whitelist them all. If you have a dynamic IPaddress that changes from time to time then you'll need to keep updating it. To find out what your current IP address is just go to:


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